Studio Neel Dich Abrahamsen
CVR: 17302302
Vodroffs Tværgade 2.
DK-1909 Frederiksberg C


Education and apprentice
1985-1981 Education: Skolen for Brugskunst [Denmarks Design School], line for Drawing and graphics, Copenhagen.
1990-1982 Apprenticeship: Drawing, color and form v. S. Ekengren, landscapepainter Stockholm, Sweden. 

Grants and Awards
2020 The Danish Arts Foundation.
2004 The Anniversary Foundation of the National Bank of Denmark 1968.
2001 The Anniversary Foundation of the National Bank of Denmark 1968.
2002-2021 Ole Haslund’s houses.
2001 The Anniversary Foundation of the National Bank of Denmark 1968.
2001 C.L. Davids Fond for Family and Friends.
2001 The Literature Council.

About Me:
Since 1993, I have been working as a graphic designer and illustrator from my own studio. My approach to tasks is to find a clear line that I can shape into a simple visual and aesthetic expression. Generally, I am broadly oriented and gather knowledge, impressions, and ideas to create a concentrated expression. In 2014, I started teaching observational drawing for groups and private students while simultaneously working on drawings and color as originals.

Studio, Teaching, and Book:
2023 Book release: “Draw What You See” Gyldendal, 2023.
2014-202? Drawing instruction, private lessons. In groups 2015-2020.
1995-2000 Studio le&neel, Østerbro.
1993-1995 Studio, Frederiksberg.
1990-1998 Freelance. Cultural communication. Theater.

Tasks Completed from My Studio:
Book work: Planning, typesetting, cover design, and equipment. Illustration, drawing. Principal layout for series. Fiction and non-fiction.

Graphic line: Line for small businesses and projects: from logo, stationery, signage, color coding to web design/planning, technology by La Boite.

Form and concept: Comprehensive expression across multiple media, form, decoration, color, and graphics. The base is teamwork across disciplines.

Drawing, patterns, and color: Used in individual tasks, book design, series. In the communication of a topic, such as exhibition graphics, graphic decoration, and color in spaces.

New tasks within shown areas are welcome.